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This handcrafted, moonlight-infused, reiki-charged healing is oil made in the old way for fast, effective relief of joint pain.

The image on the bottle is that of Ollie Leola Davis, the matriarch of my paternal family, who is known for being nurturing and supportive.

The Moon is a symbol for the mystery, the subconscious, the veil and the thing that connects us to light, even in the darkness. The moon connects us to spirit (imagine looking into the full moon on a clear night sky). It has a connection to women and the element water.  This product is made in small batches over the course of one moon cycle (30 days).
Your joints are composed of a mixture of different types of connective tissue. The fluid within and between joints is there for lubrication just like WD40 for hinges on a door. The fluid is there to convey bioelectrical impulses from one bone to the other. A joint integrates the communication, calculating to the next bone what it needs to do to play its part in supporting the whole body. It is the bridge and the veil, and it requires water.  Lemon-and-olive oil infusions have been traditionally used for treating joint pain. This formula adds activating turmeric and ginger (circulation), soothing lavender, and devil's claw for inflammation and pain.

PROCESS: Small-batch herbal mixing and solar infusion are done over the course of 30 days. Daily physical agitation and reiki-energy infusion are the basis for a creative ritual which intends to align the user with the healing power of nature.

Olive Oil: The olive tree grows in very hot climates. It's oil is full of healthy fats and antioxidants that form the basis for the lubrication and hydration of the joint.
Lemon Peels:  The main active ingredient in this oil, lemon peels are traditionally used to treat inflammation in the joints.
Thyme Leaves:  Traditionally made into a tea to internally treat bouts of arthritis, thyme leaves are essential to this formula. Thyme is also an antimicrobial and helps to maintain purity of the product.
Lavender Flowers:  Lavender is anti-inflammatory calming. Even it's aroma helps you to become relaxed into healing.
Turmeric Root:  Turmeric contains curcumin, a chemical found in nature that is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It assists with reducing arthritic pain.
Devil's Claw Root: Devil's Claw has been shown in resent literature to contribute significantly to decreased symptoms, including pain, The dried form of the root can also be made into a tea.
Ginger Root: Ginger is hot! It warms, and moves the blood, clearing out lactic acid (from overworked muscles) and other toxins from the joints and tissues.

HOW TO USE: Apply a dime-size amount to the affected joint and rub in. Optional: wrap with a compression gauze for 20 minutes and rest. Remove the gauze, but leave the oil on the skin. The oil is designed to work best at night and during the full moon.

PRECAUTION!: Please avoid this product if you have sensitivities to any ingredients. Do not apply over broken, irritated or inflammed skin. This product is made with turmeric root, which can stain! To remove stains:
1. For clothing: 1 tbsp. white vineger in ½ cup of rubbing alcohol -or-  small amount of dishsoap in ½ cup of water
2. For countertops: mix enough baking soda in water to create a thick paste. Smear across stain and cover with a moist papertowel for 15-30 minutes. Wipe clean.

Moonight Oil (2 oz.)

  • All orders will be fulfilled and shipped within 1-3 business days. Shipping is flat rate. Refunds on defective products are available within 3 days of receipt.

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