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Welcome! I have studied spirituality, art, and the health sciences for the duration of my lifetime. I am an avid reader and artist, having my educational roots in the Waldorf-inspired educational system and Detroit Public Schools, as well as being the child of a community of intellects, artists, revolutionaries and ecclectics. I am is passionate about community building and creative, conscious economy.


What began as a passion for connecting with friends and loved ones has evolved into a foundation for my healing practice. I routinely integrate my personal passions in with formal knowledge in order to provide a unique and dynamic healing experience. I have been involved in a number of healing and creative community events in Detroit, MI and Atlanta, GA and have routinely held free reiki circles, tea-and-talk healing sessions, and creative craft and spiritual circles for women.

My personal, spiritual and professional pursuits are often the same. Here are some of my academic credentials:




           Hypnotherapist (C.Ht: David Key, 2021) IP

            NLP Practitioner (David Key, 2021) IP

            Death Doula  (A Sacred Passing, 2020)     

            Ordained Minister (Universal Life Church, 2019)

           Grief & Bereavement Counselor (Elmira Strange, 2019)         

            Doctorate in Chiropractic (Life University 2014)

            Reiki Master-Level III (Heart Center Therapy 2012)

                     - Grief Reiki, specialty certification

                         (Sharon Ehlers, 2020)

            Bachelor's in Psychology (Wayne State University 2008



AK Healing Arts was born in 2012 as "New Meme Wellness", located in Metro Atlanta, GA. NMW began by delivering in-home services including reiki, tarot reading and talk-and-tea wellness sessions.


AK Healing Arts has a commitment to practitioner education and expansion and will continue to add to the wide variety of low-cost healing services provided through the practice. It is my belief that the mind-body spirit complex of an individual is effected by its interpretation of its environment perhaps more than by the environment itself. This practice offers services that emphasize reflection of interpretation of experiences- including bodily dis-ease processes- and "correction" of these interpretations if they are not serving to the individual. This is done through a combination of talk, touch and energy therapy. I have a strong commitment to personal and client education and empowerment, and work with our clients to design individualized healing programs, goods and services.


I routinely study various healing practices as well as fine tune into the healing that is available everyday, and is accessible to each of us in our everyday lives. My practice is heart-centered, meaning it is designed to connect with the true spirit of a client in order to provide the most appropriate suggestions for healing.

I am mobile! Call today for an in-home consultation, assessment and care.





It is the end-goal of this organization be the hub for a community of like-minded healthcare practitioners, artists and thinkers providing low-cost and barter services to the general public. We are emergent strategists applying a resource-based conscious economy to our interactions. AK Healing Arts is currently assembling a network of manual therapists, energy healers, music and art therapists as well as spiritual consultants in order to deliver the best care plans possible. Our cooperative is set to launch in 2021 and we are always interviewing and inquiring with cutting-edge, innovative practitioners. 


Please feel free to contact us for more information of joining our community either as a member or practitioner! 

ULC Ministry Certificate.png

I am now an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church, whose only creed is "to do that which is right"

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