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  • Manual Therapy

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  • Spiritual Murals

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Energy Work

Reiki Therapy 
$80 per hour


Reiki is a healing touch modality which aims to balance chi (aka energy, "light," ashe, holy spirit, prana, universal life energy, etc.) within the body. The reiki method helps to support the energy system through applying light touch.


We begin each treatment with a short coaching session in which we assess your needs and desires for our time together. During a treatment, you may feel deeply relaxed and meditative-you may even have thoughts, feelings, or see visions that lead to deeper healing and connection with yourself. You also may feel warmth or a tingling sensation as the chi flows throughout the body. 

Each treatment session includes a custom aromatherapeutic oil.


Following a session, an optional customized energy profile is created and emailed within two business days (optional). This individualized report will provide further health information as well as recommended recipes, meditations, stretches/exercises and things you can do at home and in-between sessions to balance your own energy and achieve personal wellness. 


Session Add-Ons May Include
  • Hand-crafted healing oil

  • Custom take-home crystal/essential oil pairing

  • Therapeutic Music

  • Energy Report 

  • "Talk and Tea"


Additional costs may apply for some package add-ons, and are always explained in full before any session. 


*all products used are 100% organic, and are fair trade or ethically wild harvested, unless otherwise stated

Grief Energy Work
$80 per hour
We grieve for things we have had and lost. We grieve for things we have desired and never obtained. Grief is not only exclusive to death-that is bereavement. But really, all grief occurs due to a sort of spiritual death of the identity or spiritual death of personal reality. Let's work through grief together with "Talk & Tea" (custom prepared tea with coaching) and energy work specialized to assist with the physical patterns that grievers often hold due to their transformational experience.

Group Healing Sessions                                       

$50/hour, 2 hour minimum


Healing circles are a common part of many initiatory and celebratory rights in many cultures throughout the world. A reiki healing circle is a wonderful touch to healing events, coming-into-adulthood ceremonies for young adults, baby showers, death gatherings or many other occasions. Activities and structure of the healing circle is entirely based on your need and the style of event you will be holding. Please call for more information and to book a consultation for your event.


Manual Therapy    
$80 per hour
This method of therapy uses manual touch and sustained contact to point locations in muscles, ligaments and soft tissues. Tension patterns in the muscoloskeletal system are slowly removed as the body is supported towards balance. Clients find that they have increased range of motion, improved blood flow, and less pain with physical activity.
Relief of energetic and physical tension tracts is imperative to healing. Tension patterns in the mind as well as the body can cause a sequella of symptoms that lead to more complicated dis-ease patterns. 
Assisted Stretch & Breath       
$80 per hour
This modality guides you through gentle, yet effective movements and with instructions for appropriate breathing. Stretching increases muscular flexibility, improves the transmission of nerve impulses and helps to keep the joints hydrated. Energy can flow better in a body without restriction.
Handcrafted Healing Oil   
These healing oils are curated "in the old way",
considering time, composition and the phases
of the moon and sun. All ingredients are
organic, fair trade, and some are even local. 
Sunday Oil for Aches and Pains (read insert here)
Moonight Oil for Joints (read insert here)


I create unique and eclectic designs, often using complex symbolism and imagery. I love colors, and revealing components of a concept in a concise and discernible form. .

Spiritual Mural Creation    

$2 per sq. ft + $40 per hr

For personal and business purposes. I consult with you in order to design the perfect image to support the spiritual and energetic agenda you have selected for your space.

Cost for materials and transport is included in the per sq./ft. deposit.

Timetable for completion will vary based on complexity and size.

Give a look at the contract you will be provided as a customer

Graphic Design & Logo Creation 

rates begin at $100

Contact me for a brand image, flyers, business cards (and more) for your healing arts or conscious business today!

Give a look at the contract you will be provided as a customer.

Natural & Recycled Materials Custom Jewelry                                                                                          

varies, call to inquire

Each piece of natural and/or recycled materials jewelry is hand-crafted and comes with a description of its unique energetic and spiritual properties. Custom designs are available.                                                                                          

Coaching & More

"Talk & Tea" 

$40 per half hour , $1/min as an add-on                     

"Sip some tea, and share with me..."

Spiritual coaching requires a deep, open space for connecting. Allow me to create curate your healing experience with a custom-blended herbal tea and paired aromatherapy. We will navigate through your story together in a supportive and loving space. Leave with tips, exercises, and optional take-homes. You may also request an energy report with this session.

Spiritual Coaching & Card Divination                         

$40 per 1/2 hour                     

Use an ancient system in order to find modern solutions. Tarot is a card system of divination officially dating back to  14th century Italy, and is derived from an even earlier Egyptian system. Tarot cards use common human archetypical images, roles, relationships and experiences to explain significant life events while the practitioner uses wisdom, intuition and common sense to explain how these life events apply to your life.  May also be used as a tool for mural creation, custom jewelry, healing sessions and/or "Talk & Tea" coaching sessions.


Purging, Clearing & Organizational Services  

$40 per hour

Move-in's, Move-out's and Transformations

A clear mind and a clear environment are important keys to maintaining health. I assist you in taking a step back, and help you to assess what you need and what no longer serves you materially. We find the best ways to utilize your space and objects you already own. This service can be paired with "Talk & Tea" (coaching with paired custom teas geared toward release therapy. Add-on's may include

  • Ritualistic Smudging

  • Custom Hoodoo Washes & Fixings

             Optional Purging and Clearing Add-on Service               

available July 2020, (Atlanta GA)
  • Your style, refined.

  • Clean, taste-appropriate custom selections.

  • No Fee for small decorative and organizational items.

  •  Large-item delivery available.

  • Donation of unwanted items to charitable cause.

Learn more about Sheriffa and her online sustainable vintage and resale clothing company,


Proceeds from all sales are donated to a charitable organization.

Organic Cleaning
available July 2020 (Atlanta, GA)
  • All natural, green cleaning products.

  • Specials for move-in's and move-out's

  • Discounted mid-week refresher cleaning for regular customers

  • Fast, thorough and professional service!

Learn more about Rachael, and her entertainment company also offering:

  • Face Painting

  • Customized Painted Clothing

  • Musical Entertainment

  • Stage Production


Services to come!

Nutritional Counseling

Beginning in 2020, AK Healing Arts will begin offering nutritional counseling services including personal consultations, and cooking and wellness courses offered in person and online. 
Check out the Food of the Month + Recipe!


In 2020, AK Healing Arts will offer hypnotherapy services: 
* Manipulation Under Hypnosis
* Pain Management

* Trauma and Integration of transformational


* Death Journeying


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