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  • Chiropractic Care
  • Reiki & Energy Healing
  • Holistic Functional Nutrition
  • Ancient Treatment Methods
  • Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine
  • Use of Entheogens in Healing
  • Conspiracy Facts

AK Healing Arts


Check out some of my favorite fiction and non-fiction books and authors


Click on a book to link to purchase or to learn more!







Titles from AK Healing Arts associates, trainers and educators.










In this "fiction" tale, the prophet speaks to his people, answering questions on the mysteries of life.

Honored ancestor Octavia Butler is the mother of Afrofuturism, Emergent Strategy, and thousands of black millennials.

Learn about source of disease and the relationship between your mind and your energy centers.

Jacque Fresco, visionary engineer, provides genius suggestions for resource-and-technology based economy.

They don't! Create scripts to help you deal with negative emotions and associations.

Use muscle testing and the power of behavioral kinesiology to discover interference in your vital energy.

A guide through specific health challenges and their energy associations.

An excellent resource for bodyworkers and therapists.

Creating change to make space for a future we all would want to live in.

A man meets a shaman, and finds a way to Spirit through entheogens.


An autobiographical journey with an amazing healer, mother and therapist.

Learn more about Sheri at Heart Center Therapy here.

Learn the fundamentals of Qigong. Great graphics!

Learn more about Christina at Rising Lotus Qigong here.

Easy-to-understand, practical methods to connect with true self v. false self.

Learn more about Delena here.


Who is parenting really for? Learn to be more mindful.

The fundamentals on how a child learns and suggestions for support. The Oakwood method.

Great for adults and children. Beautiful art and story on the origins of human life.

Learn more about Halima and Free Market of Detroit here.

Teach your children the value of kindness.

Learn more about Bella Flowers Books here.


Kajara NiaYaa NebtHet publishes many great children's books. Learn more about Ra-Sekhi Healing Arts here.

Take a journey with Sogyal Rinpoche into life's greatest and most important mystery: Death.

A peek into the personal philosophy about the miracle that is life in this semi-autobiographical ecclectic philosophical piece.

Check Dr. Bob out here! Contact directly to purchase.


The keys to it all. Learn about everything from nutrition to fitness in an easy and concise format. 

Visit Dr.Chichi's facebook here and contact directly for an e-book or a paper copy.  

AK Healing Arts

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