Aziza K.S. Knight
Aziza K.S. Knight

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Aziza K.S. Knight
Aziza K.S. Knight

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Dr. Aziza K.S. Knight

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  • Reiki and Touch Energy Therapy                     

  • Manual Therapy  

  • Spiritual & Intuitive Health Coaching              

  • Handcrafted Healing Oils



  • Natural/Recycled Materials Spiritual Jewelry

  • Spiritual Murals

  • Logo Creation & Graphic Design


  • Clearing, Purging & Organizational Services

  • Card Divination


Dr. Zee is always looking for like-minded healthcare practitioners, artists, event coordinators and community organizers in order to make true, full health accessible to all people. We are currently building a wellness and art co-operative, The Angelbee Healing Collective set to launch in 2020! More information can be found here.

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1. Begins with a choice to change your thoughts about yourself, your life and your experiences.

2. Occurs on the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional planes.

3. Happens in it's own time.

4. May not always be pleasant, but it is always good.

5. Is individual and extends out into the family, community and world.

6. Is trans-dimensional and timeless. When you heal yourself, you heal others, including your ancestors, descendants and those around you.

7. Is a journey with no wrong turns.

8. Requires awareness and often time the ability to let go, or "die".

9. Is essential.

10. Can occur in many different ways. The modality that an individual chooses should feel right.



The AK Healing Arts icon is a visual representation of the practices' healing concept. The backward-arching Sankofa bird is derived from  the Adinkra (Ghanaian) symbol meaning "go back to fetch it". The star above it comes from the Mi'kmaq , a tribe of my own ancestry . This star in its original form unites the colors yellow, red, black and white, representing the unity of all the world's people. The AK Healing Arts symbol reminds us that sometimes it is important to take the best of ancient , unite with others, and form something new. My healthcare approach is one that encourages holistic, and in some cases, ancient conceptualizations of the inseparability of true health and spirituality.

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                                                              Aziza K.S. Knight



"Since I was a child, I have battled with anxiety which would cloud my mind and make it very difficult to recall information in school.  As a doctoral student not wanting to become dependent on pills, I sought help from Dr. Knight and she suggested using a form of energy healing called Reiki.  Having never heard of Reiki, I was a little skeptical but decided to keep an open mind. After the first session, I left feeling more relaxed than I had ever felt in my life!  It was as if all of the traffic of negative thoughts in my head slowed down. 


After a few sessions, this new, calm mental state lasted longer and carried over during situations that would normally trigger bouts of anxiety.  Not only was it less stressful taking exams, but it was also much easier to study and prepare without the negative mental traffic that had hindered me for years.  Dr. Knight’s training in Reiki and Chiropractic puts her in rare company as a healer who can address both mental and physical conditions.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who is open to a holistic approach at improving their overall health and well-being". 

~Dr. Frederick Streckewald~


" She helps me get my life together (haha). Of course, it's ongoing, but the work we do together, works. She's my counselor, has helped me complete a VERY large move and cleaning and organizing project, she does my bodywork and energywork and is my personal friend. I highly recommend Aziza for any of her services."

~Kelly Hartsfield~


" I have been under Dr. Aziza's care for several years. As a nurse and reflexologist, I understand a balanced, holistic approach and that is what works for me. My reiki sessions were so impactful, that I decided to become attuned to reiki myself. Dr. Aziza even conducted my beautiful attunement ceremony.  Now I use reiki in my personal and professional life with amazing results."

~Courtney McCoggle, R.N.~

More Testimonials

—  Janet Mitchell,

Kabbalistic Healer

“I enjoyed my session with her very much. My body and mind felt much better at the end. She offered helpful insights. She has strong intuition and knowings that were also helpful to me.” 



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