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This handcrafted, reiki-induced, solar-infused oil is made in the old way for fast, effective, pain relief.

The image on the bottle is of John Sunday, Jr. the patriarch of my maternal family who was known for the quote “I don't get tired”.

The Sun is a symbol for heat, power, energy and light. Our drive and willpower is like the energy of the sun which infuses every living thing on earth with its life-giving energy. Inner fire fuels the changes that precipitate healing. It is the energy that gets us up and moving, and gets the blood flowing.

This product is made over a month, with herbal mixing done on the Spring Equinox which usually falls around the birthday of John Sunday, Jr. The mixed herbs then go through a solar infusion process that begins on a Sunday, and ends on a Sunday the following month. They were are then bottled and packaged on a Sunday.

PROCESS: Small-batch herbal mixing and solar infusion are done over the course of 30 days. Daily physical agitation and reiki-energy infusion are the basis for a creative ritual which intends to align the user with the healing power of nature.

HOW TO USE: Place a small, dime-sized amount into the palm of you hand. Place on the area of pain and rub oil in until it is absorbed.  

Olive Oil: The olive tree grows in very hot climates. It's oil is full of healthy fats and antioxidants that form the basis for the lubrication and hydration of the joint.
Ginger Root: Ginger is hot! It warms, and moves the blood, clearing out lactic acid (from overworked muscles) and other toxins from the tissues.
Arnica Flowers: has been shown in scientific studies to help with pain relief in the muscles.
St. John's Wort Root:  is traditionally used to relax muscle spasms.
Calendula Flowers: Calendula is calming and soothing. It creates a bridge and allows synergy between the coolness of the pepperment, and the heat of the ginger root.
Devil's Claw Root: Devil's Claw has been shown in resent literature to contribute significantly to decreased symptoms, including pain, The dried form of the root can also be made into a tea.
Peppermint Leaf:  is cooling, and helps to relieve pain. This root (ginger) and leaf (peppermint) synergize with the healing power of arnica to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation in this aromatic and effective formula.

PRECAUTIONS AND CONSIDERATIONS: Do not place oil onto broken, irritated, or inflammed skin. Please avoid this product if you have any allergies or sensitivities to any of the included ingredients.

Sunday Oil (2 oz.)

  • All orders will be fulfilled and shipped within 1-3 business days. Shipping is flat rate. Refunds on defective products are available within 3 days of receipt.

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